Reality check for virus and how banks work

Let me try and help explain this to you in simple terms. There is only a small amount of businesses which will lose money which is in the travel or holiday or transport area which if they do bad marketing or none will lose around 5% to 40% sales at worse for 6 months to 12 months depending on how long the Chinese Virus exists. The banking industry alone is very diversify meaning one virus will at worse only affect it short term.The idea as you seem to be claiming or thinking cause recession probably not happen unless it lasts for 5 years with no success from anything they deal. A lot of banks generally own medical groups or the company who make the drug meaning when a cure comes for this virus a lot of them will make crazy money from this meaning there own money grow. Another thing you don’t seem to know is this a lot of people are buying or did buy toilet paper or cleaning stuff meaning that alone will grow the banking money in ways next weeks or months some these people will become rich from such as become a millionaire or maybe richer. For example I know of someone who’s has a cleaning company for few months who already deep cleaning already his business has done over £500,000 sales. Most cleaning company sales are going up like crazy resulting in more jobs or business. For example a little wholesaler near my house because of this Virus has took on more sale 5 so guessing these work minimum of 10 hours a week.Give the staff extra money of a minimum of £8.211052=£4,269.20*5=£21,346 Since the wages not high the employees will pay next to no taxes on the wages as well. For South Korea and Taiwan the reasons they managed it better they knew about it first more less instant. The rest of the world found out about it between 1 to 2 months after it happened so expecting everyone else to go same rate as the first to get it not likely to work well. IT did not help the Chinese Communist government tried to keep it a secret for a long time.

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