What is boomer life vs Millennial life

boomer life vs Millennial life

During this time period, most of the people from this age group had much easier lives than the rest of us here why

  1. They got all the success from there parents during world war 2 or world war 1 so no debt to them
  2. Life was super easy to get jobs this may sound strange you but consider it our generation. When you apply for a job you could easily have over 100 competition for any jobs even over 100,000 people but in their time period you would have most like 20 competition for jobs so getting a job was very easy
  3. You were kind of like born into success so like son or daughter of millionaire so your parents bought you success so whatever you did in life you were good more less
  4. Very few laws stopped you or problems existed for example in my generation from 1990 to get job I need a lot of experience, qualification,famous or rich to buy into jobs often but boomer never experienced this sort of things at all or much overall.
  5. You could buy your home for tiny money even if you worked as a low paid factory worker within around 1 to 2 years easy normally.

I am not going to bore with my life story but here what happened to me

  1. I was going to college and university to get a job I told by everyone get a job you will get £40,000 wage guaranteed that never happened to me or many from my age group for why so many unemployed or tiny wages now 
  2. Degree became worthless
  3. So many complex or bad laws made many people poorer or lose jobs or go into debt
  4. 2008 let too many of people from my generation getting poorer again
  5. 2020 CCP virus again made some people from my generation poorer again
  6. I tried many ways to get a successful or good life nothing worked through the standard workplace. I could only reach shop manager rank since I could not buy my success that is common practice nowadays for getting a job so I then became a businessman after the hard struggle I ended up fairly successful and things normally keep getting better for me most of the time
  7. The biggest thing which made some from my generation kind of successful was the internet this allowed all the bad rules people mostly from the boomer generation made us turn poor not work anymore since online we can make ou own rules so have no problems over race, religion, birthright or anything else which is very common all around the world but online no one will care much if you are pretty or not or right nationality or anything.
  8. Most employers from Boomer generation or older than them expect very extreme conditions for employing you here some good example be at least 6.5foot in height,very good looking,very rich,buy your way in,be best friends with there son or daughter or even marry one before you can work for them.

By the way these parts may seem like I am lying or joking but I have to experience many times for example when I last worked for big American company because I was not gay or bisexual would not have sex with my boss he sacked me I had many friends from my age group with similar experiences to me.

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