CCP new money Virus

You may have heard that the Chinese government released a new virtual currency let me explain why this would be really stupid for you to invest in.

  1. Chinese government is most currupt in the world
  2. They could steal your money or success anytime
  3. Stop it working
  4. Possibly get you jailed if you do something against the Chinese Communist government
  5. China Recession problem keeps on getting worse

The point of having virtual currency you are meant to have no government control and having the worst world for evil crimes they commit alone means you are supporting a evil power which leads to abuse of people living in China which includes Han Chinese or anyone else from any country or religion group in the world .

China money problems are not caused as much as people think over America trade war it was just bad management they being doing since the CCP government took over mainland China which I doubt it will get better anytime soon for why a lot of Chinese people are trying to get you scammed by the new currency I know the Chinese people doing it since they keep getting poorer so you could maybe feel sorry for them but whether you do or don’t you should not invest in this currency stay away from this bad idea!

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