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Charting showing China money levels dropping in chart

Some people claimed that the Chinese Communist Party is using the app to monitor what people do online so this then make different government such as

  • British
  • American
  • Indian

Donald Thrump said about the concerns of security features of phone tool as such many countries are now planning to ban it

What could happen to China Economy?

More and more businesses and people and government are now refusing to buy much from China and more and more comsumers are not buying from China over the quality of 90% of stuff made in China being so bad it’s dangerous for example a couple of years ago a Chinese business was making baby milk out of dead bodies as disgusting as that sounds Chinese business still do this even today .

Even buying a computer from China has high risk of breaking fast or being dangerous for example a few months ago China was making phone chargering which if you leave on for 2 hours they can go onto fire which could mean all your things are destory or you end up dead because of the bad quality of the products.

Around 60% of China incomes from foreign countries meaning with more countries not buying from China over Security concerns or over comsumers being worried about it being dangerous means a high risk .

The next two biggest areas of money in China come from buying and selling sex which may sound overkill but in China this is giant area of money since buying and selling in China is just around $5 for sex with a woman and the next big area of money comes from smoking with a lot of low quality of cigarettes in China more people are dying overall and it’s more less guranteed to make someone die by smoking often which is a big part of society in China

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